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6-week “Mindful Mothers” Postpartum Series 128C5FEB-A326-429E-AD7E-D1AC073A7305 (1)
(babies 0-6 months)
This “Mindful Mothers Postpartum Series” is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself and your body while connecting and sharing with mothers alike. Breath, Movement and Discussion will blend together in this unique mothers group.
August 29th – October 3rd ~ Thursdays 12:30-2:00pm
*Pre-registration required by August 21st.
*Must be minimum of 4-6 weeks postpartum.
$250 for 6-week series
Register at The Green Yogi

Labor & Delivery 101 Workshopimages

In this 3 hour workshop we will go over hospital policies, possible interventions, labor timeline, stages of labor, comfort and breathing techniques.

Followed by  connection with your partner using a variety of partner yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditations. We will learn valuable hands on labor comfort techniques, tips for changing the position of baby, and general guidelines on how to have a peaceful and successful birth experience.

Please bring a birth ball, a thick scarf, 2 tennis balls and a sock to class.

Where: TBA

When: TBA

Cost: $85 per couple