IMG_2816 edit-MI had the pleasure of using Chelsea as my Doula for the birth of my son and then 2 years later, for my daughter.  She was an angel and a light for me.  I was nervous about the whole experience and Chelsea was able to educate me on all my options and was so supportive of all my decisions along the way.  It was so nice for my husband and I to have her there to keep us updated on our options and to help guide us thru the amazing experience of labor.  She was strong, wise and truly held space for my wishes. My children are the light of my life and I’m forever grateful to Chelsea for helping bring them into this world.  We even had her cut both of their umbilical cords!  ~ Wendy Garafalo




0Chelsea was our angel and doula during the birth of our son, Samson and then our daughter, Olina. She was with us all 30 hours of my natural labor providing support, and gentle guidance. Her calm presence helped during the most challenging and magical days of my life”. ~ Julie Rader



IMG_2806Working with Chelsea as my husband and I prepared for the birth of our daughter Naya was a true gift. She provided us with a sense of confidence, peace, and delight not only when we met in person, but through consistent email and phone communication. I had the pleasure of doing yoga with Chelsea even before I was pregnant and instantly knew I wanted to work with her during my pregnancy as both my pre-natal yoga teacher and doula. My husband and I learned not only basic elements of childbirth and what to expect for a hospital birth, but we also had an opportunity to reflect on who we wanted to be as parents in the earliest stages of this experience. Chelsea created this space and never made us feel pressured to do anything we weren’t comfortable with. That said, she provided a wealth of information and resources to help us make informed decisions about this important time in our lives. One of the true gifts Chelsea helped me realize was the need to slow down, experience yoga beyond my mat and give into this wonderful shift in my life. Coming from a workaholic, that was not easy but Chelsea gave me the skills to do it! Given that Naya was set to make her appearance over the winter holidays, Chelsea took extra steps to have a plan a, b and c in place just in case there were changes beyond our control. Thankfully everything worked out the way it was meant to, and our beautiful Naya said hello world on New Year’s Eve!  I found it particularly helpful to have Chelsea visit after Naya was born to engage in discussion around both the baby’s needs and ours as new parents, as well as do some gentle post-natal yoga together. I recommend Chelsea without hesitation to others. Her light, energy, and expertise is unparalleled~ Sarah Ali


Chelsea’s role as our doula went way beyond the hospital room. My husband and I knew we wanted to do our best to give our son a natural childbirth, so after taking the Bradley Method Classes we decided we also wanted Chelsea as our doula. We knew Chelsea from the yoga world already and felt incredibly comfortable having her join us on our life-changing journey. She made house visits before the birth to make sure I was setting myself up for success through proper nutrition, exercise, and meditations and was an incredible facilitator in helping my husband and I talk about and practice what the birth might be like. Because of the prep work Chelsea helped us with I felt very calm and comfortable going into labor.  Just like she coached us I labored at home until I was ready to go to the hospital, she was up at 5:45am with us as we drove to Cedars, then was instrumental in figuring out which positions were most efficient to deliver our baby, because he was “occiput posterior” when I was 9.5 cm, I had to try quite a few! All the while Chelsea was a calming force for both my husband and I, we were both so thankful for. With the 5th position change our baby boy finally turned his little head and with 4 more contractions he was out at 10:20am. He was as calm as could be and I truly believe his mellow nature was in part a result of a relatively serene and natural birthing environment. We are enjoying baby #1 right now but when my husband and I are ready to have #2 we will definitely have Chelsea as our doula again! ~ Kelly Christman

IMG_0598Chelsea is the perfect blend of nurturing yogi and supportive coach. I chose her as my doula because I felt comfortable that her vast experience at many births, plus her yoga philosophy and her encouraging attitude would put me in the best position for a natural birth. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome with Chelsea. Having her by my side allowed me to deliver a 10 lb 1 oz baby completely naturally! Chelsea kept me focused on my breath throughout my labor, which allowed me to stay in the moment, unconcerned about how much further I had to go. She was my proponent, my coach, my assistant, and my friend all in one. Chelsea helped make a potentially stressful event (especially with a big baby) into a wonderful experience. I cherish every moment of my delivery and am truly grateful to Chelsea for making it better than I could have ever imagined ~ Daniela Scully

994006_10153319375300574_1536165684_nLabor and Delivery is like the great unknown. Every woman goes into the process with so many questions and a need for comfort and understanding. Chelsea brought me so much ease leading into the birth of my son SJ. She was a bible of knowledge as our Doula and a huge support for my family. I really enjoyed the process of planning my delivery and creating goals for my birth plan with Chelsea. She is a great Doula and will give you all the knowledge you need for your pregnancy, labor and delivery ~ Kimberley Nicol

1002984_10151724876971815_900144399_nThe yoga breathing and mental focus and relaxation that she provided, along with the flameless candles and all of her yoga music really got me through this incredible experience. I still can’t believe I actually sang a bit at the very end in between pushes to one of our songs. It felt really special. ~ Maureen Mauk



photoI have told the whole world how amazing her yoga classes are! It’s what I looked forward to every week. Her class is the best investment I made for my pregnancy, as it helped me stay in shape, maintain my flexibility, and feel energized throughout all 40+ weeks.  I love the class but mostly love her for all the guidance and wisdom you provided us with over the past weeks. ~ Rachel – Prenatal Yoga Student