What is a Birth Doula?

  • Also known as labor assistants
  • Meet with the mother and her partner during the pregnancy to get acquainted and discuss birth options
  • Offer continuous emotional support from early labor through the birth of the baby
  • Help with breathing and relaxation techniques
  • May provide massage and postures to help manage labor or virtual support from afar
  • Make suggestions on position changes for comfort and labor progress
  • Offer frequent reassurance and information to make informed decisions

What The Experts Say

Research indicates that the presence of a doula:

  • decreases the need for cesarean by 50%
  • increases the chances of unmedicated birth 30 – 60%
  • decreases the length of labor by 25%
  • decreases the need for other interventions with mother and baby
  • increases the mother’s and father’s satisfaction with the experience

“Every woman needs not only her partner but also a nurturing, experienced person, a doula, who can calmly and skillfully help her cope with labor and be a reassuring and constant presence for both her and the partner.”

~Mothering the Mother – Klaus, Kennel, & Klaus.