Private Childbirth Education

imagesPrivate Childbirth Education– $425

In these private one-on-one sessions, expectant parents will receive the necessary information to help make informed decisions while understanding the stages of labor, delivery process, infant procedures, and valuable doula tricks of the trade.

Opting for Private Childbirth Education will include:

  • 2 Private Prenatal Sessions* (in person or virtual) to educate parents on possible medical interventions, emergency situations, medical terms, and birthing options
  • Discussion and practice of postures and breathing techniques to help manage labor
  • Assisting the couple in preparing for their birth plan
  • Email and phone support throughout your pregnancy

* These sessions can be scheduled as 2 (1.5 hour) sessions or 1 (3 hour) session.

Please contact Chelsea to inquire about availability and to schedule your Childbirth Education session.