Virtual Yoga Classes

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LIVE Virtual Prenatal Yoga Class

  • Thursdays 4:30pm (PST) // 6:30pm (CST)     Register + Make a payment at Yoga MB)

Postnatal Yoga ~ Reoccurring Mini Series

Next Session: TBD

This 5 weeks postnatal mini-series is a combination of physical therapy + yoga, using specific poses to heal and strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles.

You will need a theraband and a small pilates ball each week

You must register for the whole series. If you are unable to attend a class, a recording will be uploaded to a shared google folder for you to enjoy at a more convenient time.

Register here. Please make your $95 payment via Venmo (@chelsea-rothert)

*Please register + make your payment together

You can find a selection of my Prenatal, Postnatal and Fertility classes at The Green Yogi Online 

Also available are FREE online videos on my YouTube Channel

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Whoever says pre-natal yoga is ‘doing some light stretching and sitting around images-1chatting’ has clearly not taken Chelsea’s class!

After moving back from abroad at 29 weeks and spending an additional 7 weeks in temp housing, apt hunting, getting settled and in birth prep classes, I was worried about not getting to pre-natal yoga until 35-36 weeks. Luckily, I stayed pretty active and strong and, after reading reviews for Yoga Vista, decided to give this class a try late in my pregnancy.

What I didn’t expect (but absolutely love) is that Chelsea has tailored her entire class to focus on opening up the body (particularly the hips) and strengthening the legs, back and mind in preparation for birth. It’s part aerobic, part meditative and, at times, I even feel like I am dancing.

This class has been great for strengthening my mind-body connection, particularly using breath to push through challenging moments. So late in my pregnancy, I am now feeling achy and tired, but I have been to Chelsea’s class three times now and felt reenergized, refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. I also feel stronger, more confident and more prepared for labor.

Another thing I love is how Chelsea helps us find balance, and even gracefulness, during class. I have missed being graceful these past nine months!

I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant and in the homestretch, but plan to keep up with Chelsea as long as I can. I just wish I could have started earlier! ~ Jenna.B

Wow. As the previous reviewer mentioned, Chelsea’s prenatal yoga class is amazing! She worded it so well that it’s hard to follow. I’m a yoga beginner and was hesitant to start prenatal yoga because I wasn’t sure how useful it was going to be…I like more aerobic type exercises but realize I have to do less of that and mores stretching now.  I went to Chelsea’s class tonight – and it blew me away. It’s the perfect combination of stretching, meditation, and hip/leg/thigh/arm work out without being strenuous on the preggo body. She explains the moves and the reasoning behind each move very well. I look forward to continuing this prenatal and post-natal yoga class with Chelsea! ~ Regina.C