Postnatal Yoga Recovery Program

Postnatal recovery is something that we do not stress the importance of enough in today’s society. Many women are eager to claim their bodies back post-birth, however, they are unaware of the complications of doing so in a regular yoga or fitness class situation.

A woman must rebuild the stability of her core muscles, open her upper back to promote healthy posture and increase her milk supply, tone her pelvic floor muscles, and gain an overall balance and equilibrium in her new body. 

This Postnatal Recovery Program includes:

  • 5 Private Yoga Sessions to become familiar with postnatal recovery exercises
  • Access to my Online Postnatal Recovery Program – including 3 phases of strength-building from 6 weeks to 1+ years postpartum
  • Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) check + guidelines for healing

Postnatal Recovery Program $750

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