Placenta Tincture

A small cube of your placenta will be placed into a dropper bottle with high-grade alcohol to preserve it.

It is recommended to allow the placenta to steep for at least six weeks before use.  The tincture is shelf-stable if kept in a cool dark place such as a cupboard. This should allow the tincture to last for many years.

If you want to have enough placenta tincture to last the lifetime of mother and child, you can continue to add 80 or 100 proof high grade alcohol (vodka) to the bottle as the tincture is used, never allowing it to get below half full.

Dosage instructions:

  • 5-7 drops of tincture can be put in a glass of water and drunk by the mother during times of transition, stress, hormonal fluctuations, after her placenta capsules are gone.  Some women have reported using this placenta tincture treated the symptoms of postpartum depression, PMS and menopause.
  • 3 – 5 drops can be given in water to the child when they are sick, getting sick or in a time of physical or emotional transition.