Childbirth Consultation

Childbirth Consultation – $325.00images-1

Perhaps you are opting out of childbirth education classes or have already taken them yet feel that something is still missing. Or perhaps this is a second or third baby and you just want a refresher crash course!

This 2-Hour private consultation is an opportunity for you to receive one-on-one information catering to your uniques needs. This is your time to ask any relevant questions, to understand your options in detail, and to simply fine tune your knowledge on the birthing process.

Please contact Chelsea to inquire about availability and to schedule your consultation.

“My husband and I hired Chelsea for a birth education consultation. We had waited a long time to conceive and decided we wanted few people with us during labor, and having Chelsea’s support remotely seemed like a perfect balance. She provided detailed, balanced information in a clear and direct way. She was honest about her opinions but also informed us of other research and information available so we could make our own choices. I relied on her information throughout the weeks leading up to labor, delivery, and the weeks following. I believe my whole birth experience was healthier, more positive, and more supported because we had Chelsea involved. We would recommend her services to anyone. If you want or need a little extra knowledge and support through the process, get Chelsea involved in your birth!”