Care & Repair

To cleanse and care for your mala beads:img_2966 edit

Mala Beads

  1. To amplify the energy in your mala you should cleanse it once every month or so. In order to do this, simply let it bask in direct sunlight for 30 minutes. Afterwards restate your intention through each bead, wear, and enjoy!
  2. Do not wear your mala in the water, during strenuous physical activity, or to bed. These are handmade pieces and should be worn with care.
  3. When not being worn, your mala should be laying flat, or hanging to keep its shape and strength.

Should your mala break:

This usually means good news! Your intention is coming true, or perhaps you are being asked to manifest something new.

  1. If your mala should break within 30 days, it will be restrung free of charge.
  2. If your mala breaks after 30 days, a $30 re-stringing fee will apply.