Breech Baby….What to do?

So I have found that quite a few babies are breech these days. So I thought that I would cover some important information.

There are defiantly a few things that you should do and a few you shouldn’t do as well…

For prenatal squats, its important that you only go half way down, rather than all the way down. When we go down into a full squat position we are encouraging baby to drop deeper into the birth canal which is a great thing for labor. However with a breech, we want to encourage that baby to come out of the birth canal so they can flip then, nessle down in there in a head down position. 

Also, you want to focus on as many inversions as you can each and everyday. Meaning positions where your head is lower then your heart and belly. Such as Downward facing dog, Bridge pose with your feet on the wall, knees up on the bed or couch with your hands on the ground….here is a great website with a lot of ideas. Try them all!!…/baby-posi…/breech/flip-a-breech/

If the inversions are not successful you may consider a manual external version? This procedure is typically done around 37-40 weeks. Here is a great video showing you what this looks like. (keep in mind that they are not all as easy or successful as this video, but watch it to get an idea of what the procedure is) It can be a good option if you are really hoping for a vaginal birth!
Here is some information about this:…/external-cephalic-version-version-fo…

Another avenue to consider is Hypnosis. Johanna Nagel with L.A Birth Bliss has had great success in the past:

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